Hacking The Silence: Sonification of Senate House Library hosted by Hannah Thompson‎

Come to Being Human 2016s London Hub, Ministry of Hope and Fear in the Chancellor’s Hall on Thursday – immerse yourselves in the sounds of Senate House library and explore life in the iconic Senate House building through an Orwellian sonification experience. This is the final performance a 10month residency funded by Leverhulme Trust, offering a culmination to an exploration of the library building’s presence and history through sound.

Using the sounds in the silence of a library, including the changes caused by the University redevelopment program, activity is documented, as library spaces are re-purposed for the digital age. In this performance, Sounds are manipulated with live coding, gestural controllers and Granular Synthesis, structured in musical form, each section featuring devices built through the residency, concluding in the revelation of “The Memory Hole” sound installation audio archive. This forms a sonic testament to the library, reflecting the historical and cultural identity of Senate House.

Hopefully it’ll be as good as the flippin’ marvellous artwork by the flippin’ incredible Justyna Burzynska