Protected: Nostalgia For a Future – Video by Agnese Gutovska Sound & Music Edwin Hind


‘Nostalgia for a Future’ sets up an imagined world where interpretations of two personal relationships are mediated through a vision that portrays a world through a synthetic lens., accompanied by haunting electro static soundtrack, juxtaposed against surrealist piano, music box motif and ambiguous narrative composed by Edwin Hind

‘Nostalgia for a Future’

My involvement in this project was not only in providing a soundtrack, it was a close working relationship which included intense discussion and planning from beginning to end.

The resultant work was to be presented as an installation as Agnese Gutovska’s LCC degree work.  The Degree Shows 24th May – 31 May.

I was conscious it had to be a professional piece of work and I employed a multidisciplinary approach while working on this project.  My roles as composer, sound designer, sound recordist and sound editor would be tested. I would also be involved in the video editing and decision making for the overall aesthetics of the project.

Feedback for the presentation was extremely good, many of her tutors and peers commented that the collaboration was successfully done.