Edwin Hind is a London based sound artist, who performs under the banner of Concrete and Green, who applies an interdisciplinary approach.

He is recent alumni, of The University of The Arts London, where he acquired A BA (Hons) studying Sound Arts and Design, he is currently studying for a Master at Goldsmiths University in Sonic Arts.

The genesis of his sound arts project Concrete and Green has developed through his interest in the creative use of field recording and experimental sonic art.

‘My aim was to explore alternative conceptions of how captured sonic material could be used in composition and performance, which aim to tell stories’.

Performances have been site-specific and inspired by the acousmatic concept, that draw from Hind’s archive of field recording and found sound. These performances have taken place from behind a veil in a crypt and key chosen venues.

These performances include live vocals, guitar, folly art and spoken word, which blend sound scape composition motivated by what Michel Chion terms as ‘cinema for the ears’.

“The themes I use aim to evoke an emotional response from the listener. I don’t feel I have a responsibility to edify my audience; I’m more interested in provoking reflection, which can support debate”.

As an Instrumentalist, his artistic interests are diverse, Edwin’s discipline also combines , sound design singing and song writing and gardening design.

He is also an experienced music workshop leader who has specialized in working with a diverse range of people with a range of special needs and/or are hard to reach.

Presently he is singing tutor at Mary Ward Centre and Music skills tutor for Greenwich Mind, where he has helped a mixed age group of members express themselves through singing, composing, playing guitar and percussion, he has also tutored singing, music technology, song writing, guitar playing in community settings Crisis, John Howard Centre.

Early History:

Edwin Hind is most well-known as part of Anglo-German duo Picnic at the Whitehouse, part of the emerging Berlin and Frankfurt underground techno scene (1985 – 1990).

Originally from Liverpool, Eddie Hind started his career fronting the Indie pop band ‘Virgin Dance’ which came out of The Post-Punk Liverpool Music Scene.  After recording Radio One sessions for John Peel, Janice Long and Peter Powell, Eddie Hind/Virgin Dance signed to Probe Plus Records (1981) and later to Chappell Music and released indie single ‘Are You Ready For That Feeling’ which went to No.1 in the Indie Charts with the help of Radio 1 airplay.  ‘Virgin Dance’ recorded and toured ‘Against The Tide’ and supported the Eurythmics on their UK Sweet Dreams tour, 1983-1984.  A live performance on innovative pop/rock music television programme The Tube in 1984 launched their second single ‘I Desire’ into the top 75 chart and they toured the UK again supporting Squeeze.

After Virgin Dance disbanded, Eddie Hind was invited to Berlin to meet Illfo (Eckart Debusmann) a German wizz-kid keyboard player from Berlin and the duo went on to form techno-funk band ‘Picnic At The Whitehouse’ (CBS RECORDS/Portrait 1985 – 1990).  Their critically acclaimed album ‘The Doors Are Open’ was produced by Ralph Ruppert, Hind and Debusmann & Paul Hardiman. ‘Picnic At The Whitehouse’ released the politically motivated ‘We Need Protection’ which generated huge chart and club success in the UK, Germany and Italy. ‘The Doors Are Open’ was inspired by Hind’s experience of Berlin.  During this period Hind collaborated with fellow Chappell/ Warner Brothers writers Michael Munzing and Luca Anzilotte of Frankfurt techno outfit called ’16BIT’ (SNAP ‘I’ve Got the Power’ fame).  Hind wrote three songs and provided guest vocals for their album ‘Inaxycvgtgb’ (released by Ariola, Jan 01, 1987 P1987 Anzilotti & Münzing) including the underground club hit ‘Ina Gadda Da Vida’ (feat. Eddie Hind) 1987.