How Do You Exhibit Sound Art? ARTSY EDITORIAL BY MARGARET CARRIGAN   Sound art has always been a tricky proposition, for obvious reasons: Unlike a painting or a sculpture, it doesn’t stay put. This unpredictable medium has provided a wealth of potentials for artists—and challenges for curators—whether it’s being exhibited in the white cube or in the wilds of a German forest. “The [...]


Frieze Art Fair – LIVE Mark Fell

Mark Fell   Southfirst Presented daily at 12.30pm Costume design by Isabella Carreras Fell’s practice is grounded in the sub-cultures of electronic music, Structuralist film and contemporary philosophy with increasing focus on political themes. His works typically explore the implementation of simple systems, how they construct time, and the interplay between technical and musical [...]

Deptford X – Opening Event: Thu 21 Sep 18.00–21.00   DESCRIPTION DEPTFORD X 2017, CONCRETE AND GREEN / EDWIN HIND WHERE: Crypt at St Nicholas’ Church, Deptford Green, SE8 3BU WHAT: Sound artist Edwin Hind under the banner of ‘Concrete and Green’ will perform a series of improvised in-situ works. Each performance is inspired by the acousmatic concept, draws from Hind’s archive of [...]

Tom Leighton ‘Outwards from Home’ Exhibition Trailer The Cynthia Corbett Gallery is delighted to announce the forthcoming solo exhibition of new works by Tom Leighton Photography. 'Outwards From Home' is born from Leighton’s recent travels to Hong Kong, Macau, Dubai and Tokyo. [Click for SOUND] Composition & Sound Design by Edwin Hind Concrete and Green Exhibition runs 2 - 14 October [...]

Isaac Julien’s Ten Thousand Waves Announced in March 2016, Isaac Julien’s Ten Thousand Waves has been jointly purchased Artfund aiming to get more video work into British public art.  The film had been acquired for British collections, jointly purchased by the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne and the Whitworth in Manchester.  The work will be exhibited at the Whitworth in Spring [...]