Frieze Art Fair 2017: ‘LIVE’ Section Mark Fell

Mark Fell   Southfirst Presented daily at 12.30pm Costume design by Isabella Carreras Fell’s practice is grounded in the sub-cultures of electronic music, Structuralist film and contemporary philosophy with increasing focus on political themes. His works typically explore the implementation of simple systems, how they construct time, and the interplay between technical and musical … Continue reading Frieze Art Fair 2017: ‘LIVE’ Section Mark Fell

Frieze Playlist | Mario Garcia Torres What is your favourite title of an art work? Oh, I have a list! Ceal Floyer’s Title Variable (2000); Christian Jankowski’s Above All I’m an Art Lover (2009); Ryan Gander’s A Portrait of the Artist Conceiving this Title (2010); Mircea Cantor’s I Shot This Image Because It Is Highly Suggestive Within a Specific … Continue reading Frieze Playlist | Mario Garcia Torres