Sonica – Kathy Hinde & Mark Lyken


Friday 5 February 2016 // 6pm – 10pm
6pm – 10pm, Installations: 

Kathy Hinde’s Tipping Point & Robbie Thomson’s The New Alps

8pm – 10pm, Double Bill Performance: Mark Lyken’s The Terrestrial Sea & NORTH OF X’s [Sisi Lu] The Age of Digital / Analogue

Saturday 6 February 2016 // 2pm – 10pm
2pm – 10pm, Installations: 

Kathy Hinde’s Tipping Point & Robbie Thomson’s The New Alps  
8pm – 10pm, Double Bill Performance:
Mark Lyken’s Oscillon Response & Robbie Thomson’s XFRMR

Straight from Sonica 2015 in Glasgow, the best emerging British talent in visual sonic art come to Kings Place for a weekend of live performance and installations.

“the most innovative ear- and eye-catching festival around” Fluid Radio

Kathy Hinde, who received an honorary mention for 2015’s Prix Ars Electronica, produces a mesmerizing spectrum of sound tones in Tipping Point, a tranquil installation examining the sonic interplay of glass and water.

Musician and film-maker Mark Lyken explores the ever-changing environments of the Cromarty Firth, Scotland in his bio-acoustic experiment, The Terrestrial Sea and presents his sonic and visual responses to the pioneering electronic artworks of Ben F. Laposky in Oscillon Response.

Following rave performances at club night, Optimo, Robbie Thomson’s electrifying light performance, XFRMR uses technology to conduct a caged tesla coil. His latest installation, The New Alps, is a kinetic fairground of motorised mechanical sculptures brought to life with machine-powered choreography.

Finally, Sky Academy Arts Scholarship recipient NORTH OF X [Sisi Lu] presents The Age of Digital / Analogue, a large-scale audiovisual performance examining the relationship between man, machine and landscape.

“A thoroughly modern festival, defying genre boundaries and instead focusing squarely on the intersection of the sonic and the visual.” theartsdesk