wolfgang_tillmans_south_tank_3_-_lead_image8 MARCH 2017 AT 20.00–23.00


Enjoy live music by Lori E. Allen and Thomas Brinkmann with visuals from Wolfgang Tillmans

Set within Wolfgang Tillman’s South Tank installation, Lori E. Allen and Tears|Ov will create electro-acoustic soundscapes, which will be followed by a live set by Thomas Brinkmann who will improvise around his ‘Klick’ and ‘What You Hear’ projects.

Untitled 2017. Photo by Deborah Wale
Untitled 2017. Photo by Deborah Wale

Untitled 2017. Photo by Deborah Wale
Untitled 2017. Photo by Deborah Wale

Untitled 2017. Photo by Deborah Wale
Untitled 2017. Photo by



Lori E. Allen (b.1975, St. Louis, Missouri) is a sound composer and video artist. Drawing from a background in archaeology, Allen interprets audio-visual landscapes through a process of ‘reverse excavation’, dislodging the bodiless objects generated between broadcast, reception, and thought; body and consciousness; narrative and material culture. These ‘objects’, material and immaterial, are both the formal and conceptual media to which Allen composes her syncretic audio-visual compositions distinctly as installations and live performances.

The ‘Tears|Ov’ project is an ongoing series of audio and video works developed in collaboration with Deborah Wale. The performance composed for the Tate Tank sessions is a compilation of electro-acoustic soundscapes, audio-visual media fragments, and noise which dwells in harmonic dissonance upon configurations, shapes and shadows, chaos magic, cognitive distortions, marinated obsessions, and trap doors. Guest cellist Katie Spafford will accompany the live performance.

Allen received an MA from The Institute of Archaeology, University College London in 1999 and a BA in Anthropology and Classical Studies from New York University in 1997. Recent projects include worming out of shit (2015), a collaboration with Rachel Pimm performed at the Chisenhale Gallery and the CCA Glasgow, and Tears|Ov Material Vulture (2016), commissioned and released by The Tapeworm.

Thomas Brinkmann (b.1959, Mönchengladbach) has released over seventy records and fifteen full length albums on labels such as 3rd ear, minus, Profan, NovaMute, EMEGO, Ernst, max.Ernst, Supposé etc. He studied visual art at Düsseldorf Art Akademie under Jannis Kounellis, Oswald Wiener and Friedrich Wolfram Heubach. In addition to music, Brinkmann writes about visual art and makes painting, sculpture and performance, often in collaboration with artists such as Robert Elfgen, Agnes Lux or Alex Bircken.

Please note that this display involves flashing images and strobe lighting.