Deptford X 2017 Fringe

“You have to let people do what they want. Goodwill is created by offering opportunities to artists and destroyed by weeding out the ‘not so hot’ ones… My advice is to include everyone”

— Hijack Reality, Bob & Roberta Smith 2008

Deptford X 2017 Fringe will showcase the work of locally-based talent through an open call that invites artists to come and install work in Deptford. In the past we’ve had art occupying shop windows, libraries, roundabouts, public walls, railway arches, and pubs. No nook or cranny is left unfilled.

Contact Details:

Deptford X, 9 Brookmill Road, London SE8 4HL
020 8694 8842

Fringe 2017: Guidelines for submission

You can view a PDF of the whole form before completing the online version. Please note that when you fill in the online form, you have to complete it in one go.

View a PDF of the Fringe submissions form

View a PDF of the mini-bursary application form