Deptford X Festival 2018 : Edwin Hind / Concrete and Green

Edwin Hind / Concrete and Green

The Crypt at St Nicholas’ Church, Deptford Green, SE8 3DQ

Sound artist Edwin Hind under the banner of ‘Concrete and Green’ will perform a series of improvised in-situ works. Each performance is inspired by the acousmatic concept, draws from Hind’s archive of recorded urban and rural sounds, and takes place in candlelight from behind a veil. The performance will include live vocals, guitar, and spoken word, inspired by what Michel Chion terms as ‘cinema for the ears’.

“The themes I use aim to evoke an emotional response from the listener. I don’t feel I have a responsibility to edify my audience; I’m more interested in provoking reflection, which can support debate”.

Edwin Hind is a songwriter, musician, sound-artist and singer currently studying at University of Arts London.

Performance timings:

Sun 24 Sep 14.00–15.00 & 17.00-18.00

Fri 29 Sep 14.00–15.00 & 18.30-19.30

Sat 30 Sep 14.00–15.00 & 17.00-18.00

Sun 01 Oct 14.00–15.00 & 17.00-18.00

Performance Timings