Iranian-born, London-based electronic musician Ash Koosha—Synaesthete

With the release of I AKA I on Ninja Tune, Iranian-born, London-based electronic musician Ash KooshaSynaesthete, virtual reality pioneer, software humanist, political cause celebre, former rock musician and student of classical musicunveils his new live show in the UK for the first time.

Ash Koosha’s live show unites exciting strands of technology and cutting edge visuals; including a pioneering collaboration with Wave VR which sees him perform inside a virtual reality for the first time. Working closely with long-time visual collaborator Hirad Sab and Dalena Tran in an effort to see as he sees, Koosha also brings his fractal and affecting sonics to life with stunning 3D visual art. Mainly using his own field recordings, Koosha manipulates their form into original and often beautiful movements – a process he calls “finding geometry in sounds.”