LCC Degree Shows 2019: BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design

Edwin Hind – Concrete and Green

Acousmatic performance

Time Variable

Performance Lab Room M108

Edwin Hind under the banner of ‘Concrete and Green’ will perform a series of in-situ improvised works, inspired by the acousmatic concept and draws from Hind’s archive of field recordings and found sounds. The performances take place from behind a veil and include live vocals, guitar, Foley art and spoken word, informed by what Michel Chion terms as ‘cinema for the ears’. 

Performance times:

Wednesday 19 June, from 7pm

Thursday 20 June, from 6pm

Friday 21 June at 2pm & 5pm

Saturday 22 June from 12 noon

LCC Degree Shows 2019
Opening hours 
Thursday 20 June, 11am-7pm 
Friday 21 June, 10:30am-7pm 
Saturday 22 June, 11am-4pm

Wednesday 19 June, 6-9pm 

Free and open to all click here to registrar


London College of Communication

Elephant and Castle 


SE1 6SB 

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