Deptford X 2021

Deptford X Fringe Festival runs 9-18 July 2021.

This year #artintheopen ‘Concrete and Green’ will perform in the foreground of the Charnel House of St Nicholas Church, Deptford SE8

The performances draw from sound artist Edwin Hind’s archive of captured sound, inspired by what Michel Chion terms as ‘cinema for the ears’. Hind is known for his experimental, creative use of field recording.

St Nicholas Church, Deptford Green, London SE8 3DQ

The performances which are partially inspired by the acousmatic concept, drawn from Hind’s archive of recorded urban and rural sounds, and takes place from behind a veil. The performances include live vocals, guitar, Foley art and spoken word, inspired by what Michel Chion terms as ‘cinema for the ears’ (Chion, 2017)

New work includes field recording captured during the recent Extinction Rebellion protests in London, where Hind felt it was an important responsibility to document these events sonically.

Reflecting, Hind explains:

‘The concept of sonic archiving is nothing new, however my motivation was partly inspired by a lecture given by field recordist and sound artist Jez Riley French, who stated that he felt fairly convinced in years to come, that we will have all these photographs of places and buildings, but we won’t know what they sounded like’ (French, 2017)

Although French was specifically talking about how important it is to sonically archive places and buildings, I felt this could also apply to everyday life events, both politically and socially by piecing together captured sound pieces, a process which I have I termed as ‘The Art of Sonic Montage’. (Hind, E. 2019)

Concrete and Green live performances include: experimentation, improvisation, live vocals, guitar, spoken word and Foley art. Previous Performances include Deptford X Fringe 2016, 2017, 2018. A collaborative project ‘Nostalgia for a Future’ was presented at FaB (Bath Fringe Festival, 2018). Collaborations also include working with artist & Anthropologist Caroline Hobkinson, exploring the relationship between art and the senses. Performances including Breaking Bread: Sonic Feast, 19 April 2018 – Hosted by The Pop and Ace Hotel, Shoreditch. Frozen Dinner: Changing States, 16 November 2017 – Hosted by Caroline Hobkinson and Shoreditch House.

St Nicholas’ Church

Deptford Green 

SE8 3BU London

United Kingdom